AGN News: The (very real) Story Of Richard Jewell, from the guitar player who was onstage when the bomb went off

AGN News: The (very real) Story Of Richard Jewell, from the guitar player who was onstage when the bomb went off

AGN News: The (very real) Story Of Richard Jewell, from the guitar player who was onstage when the bomb went off. Here's a review of the album by Mike O’Cull Jack Mack & The Heart Attack’s new live album, Live From Centennial Park – Atlanta 1996, documents the most famous/infamous set the high-energy soul band has ever played in its 40 year history. Released December 6th, 2019 on SSR Free Roll Records, the record brings to life the 11-song set Jack Mack played at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia that was cut short by the explosion of a pipe bomb in an act of domestic terrorism captured on live TV. The album is released in conjunction with the new film Richard Jewell from director Clint Eastwood and producer Leonardo DiCaprio via Warner Brothers about the wrongly-accused suspect in the crime, released December 13, 2019 in the USA. The film features two of the band’s performances, the Staples Singers’ “I’ll Take You There” and the band’s original song, “I Walked Alone.” Often called “The Hardest Working Band in Soul Business,” Jack Mack & The Heart Attack have become known as one of the greatest dance/party bands in the world and lay down an epic R&B sound in the Stax/Volt, Motown, and Muscle Shoals traditions. These tracks are all about soul-drenched vocals, a tight rhythm section, Hammond organ licks, and a hot-to-the-touch horn crew that has raised roofs all over the planet. Vocalist TC Moses is an outstanding frontman who can instantly get any audience up and moving and he and the band were at the top of their form that humid July night in Atlanta. No one could have predicted what was about to happen as The Heart Attack rocked almost 40,000 concert goers and one of the greatest parties ever was quickly transformed into a grimly significant moment in American history. The set goes hard from the jump and opens with the ultra-funky “(We Got) More Soul,” a brief-but-strong track that serves notice to all within earshot that the fun has begun. The groove engine of drummer Alvino Bennett, bassist Tim Scott, guitarist Andrew Kastner, and keyboardist John Paruolo flexes hard while The Heart Attack Horns soar over the top. The live context shows just how powerful this band is and the audience is clearly fully engaged with their performance. “Breakin’ Down The Walls” keeps the funk flowing and delivers the socially relevant message that “given love, every child will grow strong.” Just hearing this band play live is an experience in rhythmic bliss and it’s easy to get lost in its deep pockets and dance yourself into a tizzy. The band’s extended version of The Staples Singers’ immortal “I’ll Take You There” is transcendent and is one of two Jack Mack cuts featured in the Richard Jewell film. The Heart Attack continues to blaze through its show, taking those assembled to school, church, and back home again with a mix of originals and covers. They drop what must be the only version of James Brown’s “Sex Machine” to incorporate the Olympic Games theme, take off with their own “Livin’ It Up,” get down on Reverend Al Green’s anthem ‘Take Me To The River,” and deliver a 12-minute medley of Sly and the Family Stone classics including “Simple Song,” “Stand,” “I Want To Thank You,” and “I Want To Take You Higher” that is simply brilliant. The band’s final song is the sweet R&B original “I Walked Alone” that’ll also be in the Richard Jewell film. They just finish the song and the crowd’s applause is washing over the stage when the recording is abruptly cut off by the blast of the bomb. That’s where the record ends and the terror begins. We don’t get to hear anything past that point and that’s just as well. The news footage is out there online if anyone who didn’t see it as it unfolded wants to view it. Live From Centennial Park – Atlanta 1996 lets us hear and recall the best moments of that fateful night, the moments that were life-affirming and soul-stirring right up to the point where everything came undone. Jack Mack & The Heart Attack should be proud to put this recording out into the universe and let people hear the amazing show that preceded this tragic event.

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GIBSON: Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird
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GIBSON: Lzzy Hale Signature Explorerbird

As the first female Gibson Brands Ambassador, Lzzy Hale joins legendary musicians, in thought leadership, brand research and development, and represents the entire portfolio across all brands including Gibson, Epiphone, Kramer, MESA/Boogie, KRK and Maestro. In addition, Lzzy is involved in mentorship of the next generation of players, as well as exploring and supporting philanthropic endeavors that she is passionate about. The guitar’s release comes as Halestorm’s latest single, “The Steeple,” becomes the group’s second consecutive #1 at rock radio from their new album Back From The Dead. Released earlier this month, Back From The Dead’s title track claimed the top slot last fall. “The Steeple” marks Halestorm’s seventh #1 hit. “As synonymous as lipstick and leather, the ExplorerBird brings two iconic worlds together,” says Lzzy Hale. “This guitar is a statement and celebration of owning what makes you stand out. Because no one has ever made history by playing it safe.” “Lzzy is a force of nature! Our first female global ambassador, she has defied gravity and broken down all barriers and glass ceilings,” says Cesar Gueikian, Brand President, Gibson Brands. “Artistically and musically, she has built a global fan base one tour, one album, one show, and one fan at a time. She has paved the way for Halestorm and for the next generation of guitar players and is one of the most caring human beings I know, who is always exploring ways of giving back and is intimately involved with Gibson Gives and our mission of making music matter more than ever one guitar at a time.” Gueikian adds, “The new Lzzy Hale Explorerbid, is the result of two years of testing with Lzzy at the Gibson Lab, and on stage with Halestorm. We started with the idea of merging her favorite shape, the Explorer, with the iconic Gibson Firebird, and the result is this new guitar, in cardinal red. It sounds as epic as it looks! Catch Lzzy and Halestorm on tour this summer and listen to their new album, Back From The Dead! Be ready to be blown away!” Hale’s new Gibson Explorerbird is a hard-rocking, great-looking guitar that is built for heavy-music and follows the release of her three sold-out guitars the Gibson Lzzy Hale Explorer, Gibson Lzzy Hale Explorer Dark, and the Epiphone Lzzy Hale Explorer. As the first-ever design of its kind, the Explorerbird combines the body shape of the classic Explorer guitar and a Non-Reverse Firebird headstock into an artist model, with gold hardware. The Explorerbird comes with a striking Cardinal Red finish that matches Lzzy’s explosive live performances.
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Russ Hewitt feat. Marty Friedman:  VIVIR LIBRE

Russ Hewitt feat. Marty Friedman: VIVIR LIBRE

Spanish Guitarist Russ Hewitt has done it again with another collaborative effort with another high-profile guitar virtuoso... Russ has been putting out a string of singles with such recording artists as; Jazz Blues Legend Larry Carlton (Steely Dan, The Crusaders), Rock Funk Groovester Nuno Bettencourt from the band Extreme and now Legendary Shrapnel Records' / Megadeth Guitarist Marty Friedman. If you are in the mood for a heavy Latin groove, look no further... IN RUSS'S OWN WORDS: SONG I set off initially to write a heavy groove Latin song that would translate well live. I used the Tres guitar I got from Cuba to harmonize with the guitar throughout the song, including the main riff and chorus. Due to the key this song is written in (C#m), I was able to come up with a unique chord progression for the solo section utilizing the open E string. After the chord progression was written, I instantly thought that it would be something Marty Friedman would write and that he would be perfect for the song. I am fortunate enough to be endorsed by the same guitar cable company as Marty (Analysis Plus Cables) and reached out to the owner Mark Markel to make an introduction. Within 7 days of the introduction, Marty had sent up his parts. Marty's playing made me really step up my game, including adding harmonies to my solo for the first time. MARTY FRIEDMAN Marty Friedman is one of the rare guitarists that have their own distinct sound and style. All it takes is a couple of notes played before I can recognize that it's him or someone trying to sound like him. A bonafide guitar hero, Marty is considered one of the best Rock/Heavy Metal guitarists in the world, and his solo for Tornado of Souls is cited as an all-time great. Marty's use of Middle Eastern and other exotic scales influenced me to explore those as well, which can be heard in many of my songs. Known mainly for his electric guitar playing, Marty plays an acoustic guitar full of his trademark phrasing and harmonies. VIDEO I initially was not going to have a video for this song, just a static photo of the single cover. At the last minute, I reached out to a childhood friend, Todd Sims. Todd is a film and TV director with over 300 project credits to his name. As the owner of Fusionflix Entertainment, he was kind enough to work on this for me after six days of filming on location. All five of my Telly awards are from soundtrack work I've done for some of Todd's projects (Parent Compass TV series/webisodes, the DVD companion to the New York Best Seller The Harbinger Decoded by Jonathan Cahn, and the feature film Thirst: Mission Liberia.)
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