John Hahn - "Fuel Injection"..... from Guitar Virtuoso John Hahn's latest album,  “Undiscovered World”. click the INFO button for more details

John Hahn - "Fuel Injection"..... from Guitar Virtuoso John Hahn's latest album, “Undiscovered World”. click the INFO button for more details

Undiscovered World Release: 28 November 2020 Instrumental Guitar Virtuoso John Hahn Releases “Undiscovered World” Featuring “Headbanger” Drummer Carl Canedy of The Rods, and Canedy. Fantastic guitar centric album with so much emotion and virtuosity. A stunning record, more like a work of art. Not too over the top but technically amazing, not too cliched but able to draw real emotion from the humble electric guitar. The arrangement of guitar melodies and riffs will tingle and tickle the ears all the while blowing your mind. John Hahn is excited to announce the completion and release of his new John Hahn instrumental release, “Undiscovered World” Featuring Carl Canedy on drums. "Another impressive Cd from John Hahn. Progressive hard rock/metal melodic instrumentals with just the right amount of shred. Fans of earlier Dream Theater should appreciate the complexity of some of the tracks. A must for fans of guitar instrumentals." ~David T. Chastain – Guitarist, GM Leviathan Records Early influences - John started developing his ear at an early age as his influences evolved drawing inspiration from “old school” guitar greats like, Ritchie Blackmore, Neil Schon, Michael Schenker and Steve Morse, and innovators like Eddie Van Halen, next wave players like George Lynch, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani who were blazing up the scene at the time. In later years, heavy influences included the likes of Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Greg Howe, John Petrucci, etc. "Hey John, I bought the album on itunes, and I have to tell you that it’s absolutely amazing! The astounding technique, great song craft, and outstanding production make this album a joy and inspiration to listen to from front to back! Congratulations John Hahn!" ~Paul Lidel – Guitarist, Dirty Looks, Dangerous Toys, 99 Crimes Live Playing Experience - John gained very valuable performing experience touring the US and Canada where the band headlined packed venues as well as supporting such national acts as Ted Nugent, Foghat, Night Ranger and Winger, playing an average of 4 nights per week for 8 years…THAT’S OVER 1600 SHOWS! In his own words… “Over these many years through my musical journey - playing, touring (estimated over 1600 shows), writing and recording, I have had the pleasure of meeting and making friends with so many people and have shared a lifetime of incredible memories! Guitar is my passion, and this new release is a snapshot of where I am at this point in time as a player and writer. It is my hope that as my style evolves, current friends and fans will enjoy the material as well as introducing a new audience to my music. I feel as though I have captured my best writing and playing in this release. Please spread the word…for many, my music is still an “Undiscovered World”.” Into the Spotlight - While John Hahn had the club scene abuzz with his guitar wizardry, it was Shrapnel Records head Mike Varney who catapulted John to the national spotlight when he was featured in Mike’s Spotlight column in Guitar Player Magazine. Additional notable national press would include John being featured in a “Guitar School Magazine” article where he was named as one of the “Next generation of guitar heroes”, “the Vai’s and Satriani’s of tomorrow”. John Hahn “Out of the Shadows” - John’s instrumental debut release "Out of the Shadows" on Leviathan Records in the US, Zero Records (Japan), Killerwatt(Europe) shot him into the limelight gaining much international praise and recognition in such publications as Guitar World, Guitar School, Rip, Guitar Player and Guitar for the Practicing Musician. John Hahn “Darkness Falls” - Energized to create another instrumental CD, John then turned back to his studio, composing musical pieces complete with solid foundation songs laden with his signature guitar work of melody, technique, emotion, dynamics, feel, flash and fury! “John and I have been friends for a long time, I played drums on his first album and he played guitars on my “Headbanger” album. I’ve always loved his playing, but I also loved his writing. On this album (Undiscovered World) his playing has improved greatly which is hard to believe because he had very little room to improve. The song writing is just fantastic on this release. I love every cut, and it was an honor to contribute to this album.” ~Carl Canedy – Drummer, Producer, The Rods, Canedy Canedy “Headbanger” - John's next musical endeavor again had him cross paths with The Rods drummer Carl Canedy who approached him to play guitars on Carl's solo project "Headbanger". On this release you can hear John's signature style throughout this very powerful offering. John covered all rhythm and lead guitars, bass on one track and on two occasions traded guitar solos with Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Chris Caffery!! In addition to Carl, John had the privilege of sharing sonic space with amazing vocalists including Mark Tornillo (Accept), Joe Comeau (Annihilator, Liege Lord and Overkill) and none other than the greatest metal voice of all time, Ronnie James Dio (vocal tracks pulled from previously recorded version of The Code)! "A pleasant musical journey that does not tire even for a minute… His influences by guitarists like R.Blackmore, N.Schon, S.Morse, E.Van Halen, J.Satriani, S.Vai & J.Tafolla appear within his compositions. I choose tracks “Fuel Injection”, “Heaven’s Fury”, “Thrill Of The Chase” & “Close To The Edge”. Check this release… worth it!" ~ Harry Norumaniac - ALBUM REVIEWZ
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Russ Hewitt:  'Bajo el Sol' LIVE

Russ Hewitt: 'Bajo el Sol' LIVE

Don't miss our exclusive interview with the amazing Russ Hewitt coming up soon on AGN. Here's a sample of Russ's amazing playing, 'Bajo el Sol' from the CD 'Bajo el Sol' LIVE Lead guitar - Russ Hewitt Drums - Ivan Torres Violin - Wana Hong Bass - Bob Parr Rhythm and Harmony guitars - Daniel Eduardo Rodriguez Percussion - Ricardo Tagliaferro Rhythm and Harmony guitars - Alfredo Caceres Percussion - Todd Hughes Edited by Frank Sanza and Melissa Arnold Audio edit - Bob Parr A special thank you to: Mark Markel & Phillip Pemberton at Analysisplus Cables (Black Oval); Vinni Smith at V-Picks Guitar Picks (Lite medium gauge); David Sestito at DLS Effects (RotoSIM); Nick-Kelly Gutierrez at BBF Custom Pedalboards, Paul Shedden & James Lebihan at Mission Engineering, Inc.; Brian Neunaber & Brian Bray at Neunaber Audio Effects (Immerse pedal); Peter Janis & Jim Rhodes at Radial Engineering Ltd. (ToneBone PZ-Pre) and Primacoustic (Broadway Panel); Robert Godin, Fred Di Santo & Simon Godin at Godin Guitars (OFFICIAL) (Grand Concert Duet); Bill Wenzloff at Morley/Ebtech (Volume Pedal & HumX); John Clark at Voodoo Lab (Power Pedal 2 Plus); D'Addario and Co. (T2 strings); TC Electronic (Flashback); Electro-Harmonix (Black Finger)
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Return of the Dragon: Oz Noy Brings Live Fire to Sweetwater Studios with Snapdragon

Return of the Dragon: Oz Noy Brings Live Fire to Sweetwater Studios with Snapdragon

November 20, 2020, Fort Wayne, IN – Oz Noy has created a singular discography of virtuoso instrumental recordings that has won him accolades throughout the guitar community for his deft sense of touch and fearless genre-bending compositions. Always looking for the best way to capture the unique alchemy of his live performances in the studio ultimately led Noy to Sweetwater Studios where he laid down the tracks that ultimately became his Booga Looga Loo album. Eager to recreate the energy of these sessions, the guitarist/composer returned to Sweetwater to record his latest collection, Snapdragon. Out now on Abstract Logix, the album continues Noy’s signature explorations through jazz, blues, and rock with an all-star cast of rhythm sections that were captured live in the studio during a series of Sweetwater Studios Master Class sessions The right room One of Noy’s ongoing challenges has been capturing the improvisational ensemble feel of his live performances in his studio recordings. Eschewing the typical practice of recording in separate rooms with headphones, he prefers a setup that allows him to feed off the energy of his fellow musicians. Not only does this allow him to tap into the creativity of the group, but it gives him total control of the guitar. “If you record guitar and you aren’t in the room with the amp to feel the air moving, it’s very difficult to play,” he explained. “You can’t feel that interaction between the guitar and the amplifier in headphones and it makes things really hard.” When Noy first visited Sweetwater Studios in 2017, he immediately knew that it would work for his methods. The large live room of Sweetwater Studios’ Studio A and its flexible isolation booths gave him the ability to play together in the room with his ensemble while having total quality control of the sound in the room and on record. “The guys at Sweetwater totally understood what I was going for and they had all the right equipment to make my ideal setup work,” he said. “It was such a simple process, all we had to do was plug in and play!” A different class In an added twist to the live sessions, Noy also scheduled them during Sweetwater Studios’ ongoing Recording Master Classes, which allowed both fans of his music and budding engineers to sit in on the tracking and learn the art of recording under real working conditions. Sweetwater Studios Producer/Engineer Bobby Dellarocco remarked that the addition of the built-in audience gave another angle to the performances that helped the album take shape. “With Oz’s style it’s always a performance whether there is an audience or not,” he said. “Doing it this way though, you’re really ensuring that you capture that kind of energy on a track, and it gives the attendees something really special while they are experiencing how a real session comes together.” Part of what made each session was special was that Noy brought different rhythm sections each time he came to record. The players, which included drummers Dennis Chambers, Vinnie Colaiuta, and Dave Weckl, bass players Will Lee, James Genus, and John Patitucci, allowed him to capture different shades and feels of his signature style across the selection of tracks and give each its own sonic identity. “It gave a lot of variety from session to session,” said Dellarocco. “It was really cool to hear the differences, and at the same time once we put it all together it’s all immediately identifiable as Oz.” “I look at all of my records as jazz records in a way, because in the end it’s all about getting different players in the room and just seeing what happens,” said Noy. “When you can get comfortable in an environment like this, it’s effortless to get takes and get some really good music happening.” To hear Snapdragon and for more information about Oz Noy, please visit: For more information about Sweetwater Studios, please visit: About Sweetwater Studios Sweetwater Studios is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sweetwater Sound, Inc., the largest online music instrument retailer in the country. With three world-class studios designed by Russ Berger and access to a greater diversity of musical equipment and professional audio gear than any other recording studio in the world, Sweetwater Studios is able to accommodate just about any recording, mixing or mastering project, no matter how simple or complex. Sweetwater Studios also has an exceptional staff of producers, engineers, session musicians and studio technicians to ensure that any artist will get personalized, first-class treatment from start to finish. click the INFO button for more....
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Season 1:  Episode 2;  Cathy (A Peaceful Protest).
The Newbees

Season 1: Episode 2; Cathy (A Peaceful Protest).

The Newbees head to the suburbs of Chicago to sing songs of protest with Cathy Richardson of Jefferson Starship. *To support the Newbees A Band & A Van docuseries, send donations to: Venmo @newbeesband *Subscribe to The Newbees on Youtube:​ *Follow The Newbees Online: Instagram:​ Facebook:​ Twitter:​ Website: Spotify:​ Apple Music:​​
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Exclusive Interview with Jack Ryan Sullivan
AGN Pro Files

Exclusive Interview with Jack Ryan Sullivan

Jack Ryan was born in Clemson, South Carolina and was the guitar and mandolin protege of Jimmy Rogers, who was known as the fastest guitar player in the southeast. While Jack’s background is a mix between Jazz and Bluegrass, he is also well versed in Blues, Country, Rock and Roll, Metal, Classical, and Pop music and he's also an amazing five-string and plectrum banjo player In 2013, Jack moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he became the house guitar player for many of Nashville’s world-famous honky tonks including Tootsie’s, Rippy’s, Honky Tonk Central, Second Fiddle, The Stage, The Valentine, and during this time, Jack became known as having the “Fastest Fingers on Broadway” .While in Nashville, Jack played on stage and toured with Steven Tyler, Kid Rock, Vince Gill, Montgomery Gentry, Dierks Bentley, The Swon Brothers, Hank Williams III, Rhonda Vincent, and Larry Gatlin of The Gatlin Brothers. Jack Ryan’s band was the featured band for Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan’s private CMA Party in 2016. These days, through his amazing business, Jack Ryan Music Jack plays and teaches acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, violin/fiddle, viola, cello, upright bass, electric bass, five-string banjo, plectrum, banjo, tenor banjo, ukulele, dobro, lap steel guitar, accordion, piano, and drums. Jack is also producing several new and upcoming national and local artists that he feels has a shot at making in the music industry.  Jack was able to keep the studio afloat with ALL of his teachers still employed during the worst part of the COVID19 Pandemic, and has managed to grow his studio, teachers, and student roster by 50% since June of 2020 and he prides himself in 'always finding a way' and giving back to the community as much as he can.
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