Norman's rare Guitars:  1959 Gibson ES-355, Factory Mono

Norman's rare Guitars: 1959 Gibson ES-355, Factory Mono

Updates with Norm Harris at #NormansRareGuitars! Norm just got back this gorgeous 1959 Gibson ES-355 Factory Mono from a friend. Check out the NEW Joe Bonamassa Documentary called "Guitar Man" available here: Also, you must check out the NEW Frank Stallone Documentary coming out January 19, 2021 called "Stallone: Frank, That Is" Also we want to thank everybody that downloaded Norm's new song "The Year That Never Was" feat. Joe Bonamassa, Grant Geissman, LEMMO, Nick Dias, and many more. It's available everywhere you buy music! Norm also wants to congratulate Bob Dylan for selling his publishing, congrats Bob! We also want to give our condolences to our Amp Repair man, John Tucci, who lost his younger brother, our hearts go out to you and your family. And also our condolences to Charley Pride family, RIP Charley, our hearts goes out to your family. We just want to thank you for watching our videos and your continuous support over the years, we love you all!!!
Duration: 06:41